Inter Milan out of the title race

April 22, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan lost  the Serie A match  against AC Parma, and they are out from the  title race.

After a good run since Leonardo’s arrival as coach, Inter are apparently in a bad  form. After failing to qualify to the semifinals of the Champions League, Inter are not recovering  and loste a game that at first glance appeared to be an easy match.

In Friday’s game Inter were trying to stay close to the leader Milan and were hoping for a victory.

But things were not so simple and Parma managed to win this match with 2-0.The goals were scored in the 35th minute by Giovinco and Amauri in the 86th minute.

After this match Inter Milan are siting on 3rd place, with 8th points begind AC Milan and 2 points from Napoli.


Inter want to extend Cristian Chivu contract

March 28, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Although Cristian Chivu contract expires in the summer of  2012 and Inter were ready to begun negotiations for a new contract only at the end of this season, it seems that they changed their minds and now want to start negotiations in order to not lose the Romanian defender. The new contract would end in 2015.

Cristian Chivu is a key  member for Leonardo ,  as he was played almost every time as left defender. Chivu is a versatile player that can play as a central defender,left defender,defensive midfielder or even left midfielder.

Before moving to Inter Milan Chivu played at Resita, University of Craiova, Ajax Amsterdam  and AS Roma.

Cristian Chivu has 30 years and came at Inter Milan in 2007.


Andrea Ranocchia has suffered a knee injury

March 23, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan center back Andrea Ranocchia has suffered a knee injury  that will keep him out of Italy’s European Championship qualifier from Slovenia and friendly match with Ukraine.

Ranocchia Andrea began to be an important player for Italy national team after the appointment of Cesare Prandelli as  coach and also once with the transfer to Inter Milan. This injury is a loss for  Italy but can be replaced because there are other quality Italian players.

The main favorite to take his place in the team is Leonardo Bonucci  from Juventus Turino.

Those from Inter Milan still hoping that Andrea Ranocchia will recover for important match from the Serie A against rivals AC Milan.


Inter are only 2 points from first place

March 21, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan came just two points from the leader AC Milan, and they are dreaming already at a new title .

Inter Milan won, Sunday, with 1-0 the match against  Lecce  from Giuseppe Meazza. Everybody was expecting to a tough match, especially as Inter came after a tough match in Champions League and the fatigue could be a negative factor. But Inter managed to score in minute 52 by Pazzini and the defenders were doing their duty.Inter achieve the long awaited victory especially as Milan lost  Saturday at Palermo’s 1-0.

After this victory  Inter are hoping  more than never at  another misstep from AC Milan and  a victory from Inter would lead to a change of leader in Seria A.

Now  AC Milan feel the breath in neck from their rivals and this may be a good thing for Inter. This pressure can lead AC Milan to another missteps and also to a change of leader.


Will Inter qualify in the quarters of the champions league?

March 15, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan will play tonight perhaps the most important game of the season, against Bayern Munchen.

Although Bayern are the favorites, playing at home and also have 1-0 from the first leg, Inter can return the result. Inter must win by 1 goal difference, but not 1-0 because at this scor the match will go into extratime.

After the weekend draw at Brescia, Inter players will want to prove that  it was a mistake and they will be more motivated than ever.

Inter will also try to save Italian football, especially that Inter is  the only team left in European Cups from Italy.


Inter Milan remain in the fight for the title

March 14, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Although Inter Milan made ​​only a draw in Friday’s match against Brescia, the title chances remained unchanged.

Friday was the match between Brescia and Inter Milan, that seemed an easy one for Inter. But it was not that simple  and after a first half where Inter played well, half which ended 1-0 for Inter after the goal scored by Samuel Eto’o in the 18th minute. The second round was a nightmare for Inter.The match seemed to end  1-0  for Inter until the 85th minute , when Caracciolo scored the equalizer goal.

Moreover Inter could remain without  points. In the 89th minute Cordoba,  fouled into the box and the referee dictates penalty for Brescia.Inter’s goalkeeper Julio Cesar saved the penalty from Caracciolo, and Inter leave with a point from Brescia.

This seemed to be  perfect time for Milan to take 7 points advantage on Inter Milan, especially that they had a easy  match, against the last Serie A, Bari.But Milan failed to win this match, and the distance from  Inter remain unchanged, 5 points when there are nine matches to be played in this championship.

The team who took advantages for the missteps by those two teams is Napoli,which is now six points of AC Milan and 1 point from Inter, and Napoli entering again in battle for title.


Brescia-Inter Milano preview

March 11, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

In the first game of round 29 of the Series A  Brescia will meet Inter Milan .

The game was scheduled earlier to give enough time for the recovery for Inter players before the return match with Bayern from Champions League, especially as Inter remained the only Italian team in European Cups.

Although the match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League is more important, Leonardo can not afford to make mistakes that will cost them victory in the match against Brescia.

Inter is now involved in fighting for the title in Serie A being 2nd place at just 5 points behind leaders AC Milan  and a wrong step in this match would decrease  Inter chances of rising to first position.

At first glance it seems an easy game for Inter because they play with a team ranked in a relegation position, but Brescia will try to take advantage of this match, especially as Inter players will  be thinking more at the Champions League game.


Inter Milan is the only Italian team left in European Cups

March 11, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

After all Italian teams who were in Europa League have disappointed, narrowly missing qualification in the latter stages of the competition, came the turn for teams which played in  Champions League to disappoint the Italian fans.

Although they were favorites in their matches, Milan and Roma, failed to qualify in the Champions League quarterfinals.They were defeated by Tottenham Hotspur from England and Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine.

The only Italian team left in European Cups is Inter Milan. Everybody expects that Inter will save  the Italian football  from the shame and will qualify for the quarter-finals.

But things would not be so simple for Inter Milan. Although started as the owner of the trophy and also  as big favorite for winning the trophy, Inter have disappointed the fans into the knockout round, losing with 1-0 at home against Bayern Munich. Everything will be decided next week in the 2nd leg, where Bayern starts with  the first chance, but Italians  hope that Inter will go through into quarters.


Inter Milan have won the youth tournament from Viareggio

March 8, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan youth team have won the youth tournament at Viareggio after winning 2-0 in the final with youth players from Fiorentina. The goals were scored by   Dell’Agnello in the minutes 4 and 70 .

After a fantastic tournament, Inter  juniors have reached a notable performance, winning the tournament, performance which proves that Inter Milan have a great future and very soon some of this young players will make the big step towards the first team.

All players have played well in this tournament but some of them were marked out. They are Bardi, Alibec, Faraoni, Benedetti and Crisetig.


Inter Milan-Genoa 5-2 report

March 7, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan continue to hope for the title after the home victory  against  Genoa , a game they won with  5-2.

After a weaker first half, when Genoa was the team who scored, in the 40th minute from Palacio, Inter had a comeback like big team style  in the second half. The second half was  totally dominated by Inter Milan who managed to score 5 times.

Instead of Genoa scored only one time. In the 50th minute the striker arrived from Sampdoria in this winter, Giampaolo Pazzini, managed to score the equalizer goal. Then Samuel Eto’o scored twice, in the 51th and 57th minutes.In the 71 minute   Goran Pandev scored   fourth goal for Inter. Inter’s last goal was scored by Yuto Nagatomo in the 84th minute. Nagatomo is  at the first goal for Inter.

Mauro Boselli managed to reduce  the advantage in the 90th minute  and the score ended 5-2.

After this match Inter still remains  2nd place at 5 points from the leader AC Milan, who managed to win the derby with Juventus with 1-0.


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