Inter Milan is the only Italian team left in European Cups

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After all Italian teams who were in Europa League have disappointed, narrowly missing qualification in the latter stages of the competition, came the turn for teams which played in  Champions League to disappoint the Italian fans.

Although they were favorites in their matches, Milan and Roma, failed to qualify in the Champions League quarterfinals.They were defeated by Tottenham Hotspur from England and Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine.

The only Italian team left in European Cups is Inter Milan. Everybody expects that Inter will save  the Italian football  from the shame and will qualify for the quarter-finals.

But things would not be so simple for Inter Milan. Although started as the owner of the trophy and also  as big favorite for winning the trophy, Inter have disappointed the fans into the knockout round, losing with 1-0 at home against Bayern Munich. Everything will be decided next week in the 2nd leg, where Bayern starts with  the first chance, but Italians  hope that Inter will go through into quarters.



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