Inter Milan out of the title race

April 22, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Inter Milan lost  the Serie A match  against AC Parma, and they are out from the  title race.

After a good run since Leonardo’s arrival as coach, Inter are apparently in a bad  form. After failing to qualify to the semifinals of the Champions League, Inter are not recovering  and loste a game that at first glance appeared to be an easy match.

In Friday’s game Inter were trying to stay close to the leader Milan and were hoping for a victory.

But things were not so simple and Parma managed to win this match with 2-0.The goals were scored in the 35th minute by Giovinco and Amauri in the 86th minute.

After this match Inter Milan are siting on 3rd place, with 8th points begind AC Milan and 2 points from Napoli.


Inter Milan remain in the fight for the title

March 14, 2011 · Category: News · Comment 

Although Inter Milan made ​​only a draw in Friday’s match against Brescia, the title chances remained unchanged.

Friday was the match between Brescia and Inter Milan, that seemed an easy one for Inter. But it was not that simple  and after a first half where Inter played well, half which ended 1-0 for Inter after the goal scored by Samuel Eto’o in the 18th minute. The second round was a nightmare for Inter.The match seemed to end  1-0  for Inter until the 85th minute , when Caracciolo scored the equalizer goal.

Moreover Inter could remain without  points. In the 89th minute Cordoba,  fouled into the box and the referee dictates penalty for Brescia.Inter’s goalkeeper Julio Cesar saved the penalty from Caracciolo, and Inter leave with a point from Brescia.

This seemed to be  perfect time for Milan to take 7 points advantage on Inter Milan, especially that they had a easy  match, against the last Serie A, Bari.But Milan failed to win this match, and the distance from  Inter remain unchanged, 5 points when there are nine matches to be played in this championship.

The team who took advantages for the missteps by those two teams is Napoli,which is now six points of AC Milan and 1 point from Inter, and Napoli entering again in battle for title.