Brescia-Inter Milano preview

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In the first game of round 29 of the Series A  Brescia will meet Inter Milan .

The game was scheduled earlier to give enough time for the recovery for Inter players before the return match with Bayern from Champions League, especially as Inter remained the only Italian team in European Cups.

Although the match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League is more important, Leonardo can not afford to make mistakes that will cost them victory in the match against Brescia.

Inter is now involved in fighting for the title in Serie A being 2nd place at just 5 points behind leaders AC Milan  and a wrong step in this match would decrease  Inter chances of rising to first position.

At first glance it seems an easy game for Inter because they play with a team ranked in a relegation position, but Brescia will try to take advantage of this match, especially as Inter players will  be thinking more at the Champions League game.



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