julio Cesar, one of the reasons for Inter success

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Few people know that one of the strengths for Inter in the last couple of seasons was the Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar.
Julio Cesar was signed by Inter in 2004 but made the first appearance for “the nerazzurri” only in 2005.
The Brazilian was brought at San Siro as a backup for much more valuable at that time Francesco Toldo.
Julio Cesar had an impressive series of evolutions and Mancini decided to offer him the starting role in Inter’s team. Since then Cesar contributed decisively to the success of the team.

The Brazilian offered security and constancy for Inter’s defence.
Besides the fact that he is a good shoot stopper Cesar is recognized for playing the ball well with his foots and more then that he likes to take penalties.
The 29 year-old goalkeeper proved again how important is for Inter this week, in Champions League match against Manchester United, having some great saves that could prove to be decisive for the qualification into the last eight.
At the moment Julio Cesar is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and if we consider his age we can say that he can remain on top for a long time.



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    the best in the world

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