Fiotentina-Inter Milan

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After a heavy lose  this weekend with Juventus and distanced themselves 8 points from the leader, Inter had to win the match with Fiorentina.

If Inter would have won that game they would have went back to five points from first position. Everybody knew that will be a very difficult game  especially because Fiorentina is back in form. The match began as it could not be better for Inter, Camporese scored a own goal in sixth minute. After that goal Inter players relaxed a bit.Fiorentina had several chances to score and in 33 minutes Pasqual manages to bring joy to fans of Fiorentina scoring a superb goal.

Awaken at the break by Leonardo, Inter went on to command the game. In the 62th minute former Fiorentina player
Giampaolo Pazzini manages to score the winning goal. After this goal , Fiorentina has not managed to be dangerous again which allowed the reigning champion to conserve advantage without any emotion. Inter won the match and they are back into the fight for the title waiting for any misstep of rivals Milan.



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