Why Inter could sign Aguero

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After months of speculations Inter is final closer on taking Aguero from Atletico Madrid.

Although declaring several times that he is not thinking of leaving Atletico and that he feels really good and loves the club , it seems that the things have changed lately and Aguero would be willing to experience another league.

The main reason is that Abel Moreno, the coach, accused him for missing too much and that he doesn’t concentrate enough in front of the goal. It looks that this words have mad the Argentinian international and made him think about leaving. The most possible destination for him would be Inter where he is wanted by Mourinho and Moratti.

Inter already tried to take the 20 year-old forward this winter but without success. Also Aguero would be delighted to join Inter saying that he would make the best couple of attackers with Ibrahimovic.

Another decisive factor could be the strong relationship between Maradona, his father-in-law, and Massimo Moratti. On the other side one important aspect would be the amount of money that Inter should pay Atletico to convince them to let him go.

Aguero was bought by Atletico at only 18 years old from Independiente for around €20 millions and is considered one of great prospects for World football. Aguero has a minimum realease clause of €55 millions.



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  1. larry okoduwa on December 16th, 2009 2:27 pm

    why is morino leaving intermilan, and i want to know wen he is leaving

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